The scope of this project included the demolition of Glass Plant #3 and Warehouse 13.  The project included separations of existing buildings, reroute existing utilities to remain, and protection of the slab that was to remain.  The buildings were steel structure, and covered over 200,000 sf of floor area.  There were many items that were salvaged and the rest was scrapped. Upon completion of the demolition the area was regraded around the remaining slab and pavement was laid for parking and trailer storage.

The crew sizes varied because of the accelerated schedule, at the most there were three crews consisting of a foreman two operators and two laborers.  The work was completed with hydraulic shears, track hoes, loaders, and a paving machine.

The challenge of this work was the schedule.  The size of Kimmins and the multiple abilities of crews made the project move smoothly and it was completed on time.


Bradenton, FL



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