The scope of this project included the demolition of an existing concrete parking structure, and the old Art Museum that was constructed on top of it.  The project included separations of existing parking garages, reroute existing utilities to remain, and protection of the river walk that was to remain.  The building was steel structure on concrete, and the building and garage area covered 5 acres.  There were many items that were salvaged and the rest was scrapped. Upon completion of the demolition Kimmins was awarded the site work package and the job continued on until 2010.

The crew sizes varied based on the work being performed. At the peak Kimmins had two track hoes, two loaders, a shear, and ten trucks hauling.  All of the concrete and steel on this project was salvaged.

The challenge of this work was the heavy structure and aspects of the work.  The fleet of Kimmins equipment and the multiple abilities of crews made the project move smoothly and it was completed on time.


Tampa, FL


City of Tampa

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