In 2010 Kimmins Contracting Corp. was awarded the York Street and Washington Street Stormwater Improvements project. The dewatering system was installed by well pointing and the discharge water was treated through a filtration system that cleaned the contaminants out of the water before discharging. The York Street project consisted of design and construction of 480 l.f. of 20’ x 9’ box culvert underground storm water vault, 360 l.f. of 48-inch storm water piping, 135 l.f. of 36-inch storm water piping, 21 feet of 18-inch storm water piping, a 28 foot deep storm water pump station, relocation of 850 l.f. of water main, 750 l.f. of wastewater piping, 165 l.f. of 48-inch storm water piping by trenchless (micro tunnel) construction, 13500 cy of unsuitable soil removal, 2300 cy of contaminated soil disposal, 8000 cy of embankment, the treatment of contaminated water, Ybor channel bulkhead penetration, 800 l.f. of roadway, curbing, sidewalk installation, and landscaping. York Street was a very fast track schedule with only 6 months for completion.

The Kimmins team went through extensive safety programs and schedule logistics planning prior to starting this project so we where well prepared. The Kimmins team, led by General Superintendent Dennis Kirkpatrick, Lead Project Manager Jeremiah Filjones, Site Superintendent Todd Lantzy, and Project Manager Keith Malcuit implemented a successful effort completing the project on time where 7 crews and 4 subcontractors worked together. The performance and procedures were carried out in a far superior manner. Resources and activities were very efficiently managed in this urban setting and are of exception merit. Washington Street consisted of design and construction of 103 l.f. of 15-inch stormwater piping, 214 l.f. of 30-inch storm water piping, 318 l.f. of 48-inch storm water piping, 187 l.f. of 60-inch storm water piping, 186 l.f. of water main piping, 550 l.f. of wastewater piping, 700 l.f. of electrical conduit, 900 l.f. of roadway, curbing, shell aggregate sidewalk, and landscaping.

The Washington Street project had many obstacles that were managed daily by Kimmins team. For example, the many underground existing utilities that we had to adjust and relocate for the installation of the storm water piping. Since the area of the city that this project was located in, an urban / residential setting construction had to be completed in phases. There were two phase of construction over three blocks of city streets, along with keeping temporary access to the public and to local businesses. The challenge of this project was coordinating with the many different entities. We kept the job on schedule and under budget. We met every project milestone date.


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