Kimmins Contracting Corp was selected as the Design/Builder by the Hillsborough County Aviation Authority to perform structural rehabilitation on the entry/exit ramps and Parking decks of the Short/long term parking garages at Tampa International Airport. The work on this project consisted of the removal and replacement of the existing entrance and exit ramps to the short term parking garage and miscellaneous structural repairs and concrete topping repairs to the existing short term and long term garages on site.

Kimmins design team, headed by Atkins, prepared a unique design for the short term ramp demolition and construction that allowed us to work on the elevated ramps without the use of scaffolding. Through the use of an elevated steel deck supported by steel pedestals attached to the existing columns we were able to perform demolition work of the ramps and construct the new ramps with minimal impact to the existing Airport operations and rental car operations. This work was performed while keeping the garage open at all times which required the demolition and construction of the ramps one lane at a time. Additional portions of the project included traffic toppings on the 9th level of the short term garage, concrete repairs to the helix ramps, new trench drain in the rental car staging area and expansion joint removal and replacement.

Each aspect of the job took place in active facilities and required significant coordination with the Airport staff and other tenants.


Tampa, FL


Hillsborough County Aviation Authority


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