In 2012 Kimmins was awarded the Petroleum Facilities Improvements project from Balfour Beatty – Batson Cook Joint Venture who is the Construction Manger. The owner, Tampa Port Authority, and Kimmins have maintained a professional partnership through many years engaged in expenditures of landslide civil and marine projects.

This venture consisted of constructing two new deep water shipping berths with multiple 12 inch diameter piping systems for receiving petroleum products, as well as demolition, clean up excavation, and dredging of the existing REK Finger Pier. Kimmins civil work consisted of excavation of the top of bank to water elevation in the amount of 30,000 cubic yards of material hauled to the surcharge pile.

The installation of 3000 feet of 12 inch DIP, 3000 feet of 6 inch DIP water and fire lines, four barrel wide 54 inch RCP by 120 feet long encased into a permanent sheet pile outfall. Additional work included installation of 10,000 cubic yards of embankment, installation of 9,500 square yards of 8 inches of crushed concrete base and 3 inches of type S-1 asphalt for the typical roadway profile.


Tampa, FL


Tampa Port Authority


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