In 2011 Kimmins Contracting Corp. was awarded the WORCS-9 Mechanical & Structural Repair Contract with the Hillsborough County municipality.  The focus of the contract was to provide a variety of services for the County at the water and wastewater treatment plants located throughout Hillsborough County, Florida.  The contract consists of individual work orders processed through specific proposals, with the work orders ranging from $10K to over $200K initiated by a scope meeting with no construction plans available.  Work orders can be comprised of standard near-term planned projects or emergency response repairs depending on the County’s current needs.  Kimmins is responsible for, reviewing constructability issues, preparing a work plan, generating the written scope, submitting the work order proposal, completing the work and preparing invoices with backup data.

Recent work orders have included replacement of wastewater treatment plant piping and valves from 4” to 30”, installation of new wastewater and reclaimed water utilities, pipe blockage investigation and removal, sluice gate repair, gate actuator installations, facilities demolition, fuel storage tank removal and replacement, repair of treatment plant headwork’s, cleaning of treatment plant facilities for structural assessments, and storage tank leak investigation and repair.


Tampa, FL


Hillsborough County

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