Project consisted of construction of earthen clay settling area dam with associated water return ditches and toe drains.  All excavation and placement of materials with associated dewatering of the site to allow for construction was included.

Project consisted of 8,000,000 c.y. of wall and flooring embankment.  Walls were constructed to height of 65’ above finished grade at a 3:1 slope.  Installation of toe drains and rip rap outfalls was also included in the project.  Foundation work, excavation and filling as required to develop base for walls was included.  Work included construction of spillway towers with 54” CMP outfall pipes to discharge water.  Outfall areas were protected with a combination of rip rap and fiber form pump material.

Total dam acreage of construction was over 1,000 acres.

All required water return ditches and seeding/mulching of disturbed areas was included.  Job was constructed with equipment that ranged from D8 dozers, scrappers, off road end dumps, excavators and vibratory rollers.

All required slime removal for foundations was included.  Dewatering of the site was required and the use of rim ditches and sock drains were used to properly dewater the borrow areas.


Polk County, FL


Mosaic Fertilizer, LLC

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