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Kimmins Contracting Group

Executive Staff

  • Joseph M. Williams
    Joseph M. Williams President

    Mr. Williams has over 30 years leadership and management experience in the construction, recycling, real estate and insurance industries. He has led the Kimmins Contracting Corp team for the past 11 years and is involved on a daily basis in all aspects of operational and managerial duties.
    Mr. Williams is also a certified public account and real estate broker in the state of Florida.

    Bachelor of Science, Business Administration & Accounting – Niagara University, 1978
    Florida Certified Public Accountant
    Florida Real Estate Broker

  • Jeff Meigs
    Jeff Meigs VP of Demolition Estimating

    Mr. Meigs has been with Kimmins for over 26 years working in both the civil and demolition sectors. As Vice President of the Demolition Estimating Department, Mr. Meigs is responsible for planning, subcontracts, management and preparation of demolition and abatement projects for Kimmins demolition division. He has been involved in the entire management of numerous demolition projects beginning with the development of the estimate through to the end of the project closeout.

    B.A. Business Administration – Houghton College

  • John Zemina
    John Zemina VP of Operations

    Mr. Zemina has over 30 years of experience in the construction industry, the last 24 years at Kimmins. He started at Kimmins as a Project Manager and has been in charge of operations for the last 13 years. He has estimating and operations experience in heavy civil and roadway construction projects throughout the Tampa Bay area. He has experience in permits, design and the technical aspects of the industry. He understands the importance of schedules and budgeting concerns.

    B.A., History – Furman University

    Professional Registrations:
    Certified General Contractor
    Certified Plumbing Contractor
    Certified Underground Utility Contractor
    Certified Pollutant Storage Contractor
    Fire Protection System V Contractor

    Technical Skill:
    Primavera SureTrak
    Primavera Expedition

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